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July 30, 1992     Spring Hope Enterprise
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July 30, 1992

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Soap Updates by Sell Groves PAGE 8 -- THE SPRING HOPE ENTERPRISE -- JULY 30, 1992 -- L . iiii00iii0000iiiiiii!i00iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii00i00000000000000000000000000!00i000000000000000000iiiiiiiii!ii!iiiiiii!0000iii0000i000000iiii00iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiii}ii0000i!iii0000iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii00i00iii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiii00iii!i!!iiiiiii!ii0000i0000i0000000000!0000i0000iiiii000000 Ephesus By Lottie Lou Dickens Vacation Bible School Explosion was held Sunday afternoon with a good attendance. Millie Brantley and Jennie Strickland are co-directors. Ephesus Baptist Women and Baptist Young Women served a meal for the Hispanic Ministry at Strickland's Crossroads Sunday af- ternoon with 78 attending the serv- ice. Pam Faulkner presented special music during the worship hour Sun- day morning. Ephesians celebrating birthdays this week are Gary Beasley and Fran Perry. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Ray Aber- nathy have returned home after va- cationing in Branson, Mo., and other points of interest along the way. PhiUip Peale of Rocky Mount attended worship services at Eph- esus Church Sunday. Richard Abernathy is home from Wake Medical Center. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Aber- nathy are home after vacationing for a month in the midwestern states. The Ephesus GA's went on a mission Wednesday night inviting unchurched people to Ephesus Church and also children to Vaca- tion Bible School. They made door- knob messages for them. Their lead- ers are Sharon Beasley and Sally Sandifer. Mr. and Mrs. Todd Shuart had his parents as guests during the week- end. They all attended Ephesus Church Sunday morning. Ted Williams of Wilmington and Dr. Moses Shepard of Greenville worshipped at Ephesus Church S un- day morning. The Rev. and Mrs. Clark Rounds and Catherine, Jamie Bartholomew of San Antonio, Tx., Mrs. Hattie Rowsey and Pam Gaul of Florida, Dr. and Mrs. Carson Rounds and Christopher of Clinton, and Mrs. Gurtha Holland of Raleigh, all vaca- tioned at the beach last week. Mrs. Lottie Lou Dickens, Wanda and Chris Comerford, Nancy Dick- ens, Gale Edwards, Amy Evans, Daniel and Matthew, and Nanette warren ate lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Danny Alford, Amber and Brandon in Middlesex Sunday. Ephesus Baptist Women met Monday night with a good atten- dance. Mrs. Annette Coppedge is the president of the club. Pray and visit our sick and shut- ins. Cypress Chapel By Anita Whitesell Cypress will have Vacation Bible School August 10th through the 14th. Adult choir practice will be held at 7 p.m., July 29. Visiting with Cypress Chapel last Sunday for worship services were: Elmo Privette and family, and Mike, Pam, Abbey and Tommy Har- rell. Cypress was glad to see them all. Please keep the following people in your prayers and thoughts: Mrs. Doris Wilder, Mrs. Ruby Williams, and Mrs. Ruth Threlkeld. hope form the prophet Zephaniah, God spoke through Zephaniah to assure Israel of their ultimate resto- ration. He will save them physically from the hand of the antichrist and establish them in the millennial kingdom as a redeemed people. Ps. 122:1 says "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." Christians should love God's house and take advantage of the privilege and op- portunity to worship God. The psalmist said "O come, let us wor- ship and bow down...Ps. 95:7. Wor- ship at Mt. Zion is a time of singing praises to God, praying one for an- other, sharing God's word and en- joying Christian fellowship. The sermon was from Amos 4:1- 12 "Prepare to Meet Thy God." Amos reminded Israel of Jehovah's chastenings because of insincere worship, unacceptable sacrifices and hearts cold toward God. "The hardness of hearts demands a meet- ing with God", said Pastor Clifton. We need to prayerfully consider the fact that we all are going to give an account of all our doings to God. Believers will stand before God at The Judgement Seat of Christ and give an account of their stewardship of privileges and responsibilities. Unbelievers will stand before God at The Great White Throne Judgement and be judged because they rejected Jesus. The judgement at this time will be The Lake of Fire or hell. Our sympathy and prayers are extended to the Denson Family in the loss of Mr. Elbert Denson, a faithful member of Mt. Zion. Christians prayers are extended to Nicey Matthews, Eunice Green, Minnie Manning and other sick and shut-ins. Mount Zion By Rosalene Bass GOd tells us to study His word. Sunday School is a time for the whole family to study God's Word. July 19, we studied the words of ALL MY CHILDREN: Dimitri caught Helga burning the codicil. She told him it was a log she kept of his trysts with Eriea. Later, at the engagement luncheon, Edmund told Brooke about the codicil which claimed he was Hugo Marriek's son, and the heir to Wildwind. Unaware that an emotionally upset Edmund had trashed the lodge, Dimitri blamed Erie,a, who was stunned at the accffsation. Galen installed bug- ging devices to tap Carter. Dimitri told Jack he's committed to his mar- riage to Angelique, which meant Jack had no right to pursue her. Wait To See: Stuart learns of Adam's probing into Gloria's motives. ANOTHER WORLD: Loma was about to reveal the truth about her parentage when she overheard Jenna tell Felicia she'd do anything for her except forgive Lorna for all she's done. Jamie reconciled his differen- ces with Jake. But later, a distraught Iris called Rachel after viewing the tapes, crying that they could ruin Jamie, Kelsey, and Bay City General Hospital. Kevin saved Sally from committing suicide, and vowed that Lucas would pay. Later, Loma found Lucas in a life and death situation. She rushed him to the hospital where she signed consent as his next of kin. Wait To See: Carl's plan to get Ryan through Vicky takes a disturbing turn. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Dar- ryl arrived while Frannie was read- ing Carolyn's papers, and discovered how many lies he had told her. In a rage, he tried to burn the papers, but she struggled with him, hitting him on the head with a poker. He fol- lowed her onto the tram, and both were trapped when it malfunctioned. Later, when they're rescued, Frannie returned to Oakdale to tell a shocked Barbara what she suspects about Darryl. Despite his doctors" belief that he would never recall anything, including who he was, Holden seemed to be remembering some- thing. John was stunned by Ira's anger when she learned he'd told Lucinda about her pregnancy. Wait To See: Darryl's fears about what Frannie thinks she knows drive him to make a desperate decision. BOLD AND THE BEAUTI- FUL: Saul offered Sally an engage- ment ring, and proposed. Despite her belief that marriage wouldn't work for them, he insisted she take more time to think about it. Taylor was upset to see Blake, believing he'd come to talk Ridge into leaving her, so Blake could have her back. Felicia told Stephanie she was puzzled by Pope's Photo & Video Service Spring Hope, NC Let Us Tape Your Special Occasion For a Permanent Memory Weddings, Portraits and Commercial Photography H. Pope 919-478-3926 Zach's refusal to come to dinner at the Forresters (unaware that Zach didn't want to see his father, Jack). Karen and Thorne hid as Bill returned home with his "mystery woman." Thorne was floored when he recognized the voice of Darla. Wait To See: Both Clarke and Sheila make plans that leave their targets vulnerable. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kimber- iy kept her severe headaches a secret from her family. Shane was shocked to meet Philip Collier who turned up and introduced himself as Kimberly's fiance. Vivian told Vic- tor she had adopted the boy, who was the illegitimate son of a former maid John realized there was a campaign to make his employees doubt his ef- fectiveness. To Lisanne's horror, John won them over by paying what the company owed them out of his own money. Anstin told Tim he's setting up a new gambling ring in Salem, and warned if Tim didn't work with him, he'd make sure Tim's operation went under. Wait To See: Lawrence is sure the time has come for John to take a bad "tumble." GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy, suspicious about Ned and Paul's whereabouts during the overnight storm, confronted them and demanded they tell all. Fearing Jenny might ruin her marriage to Paul, Tracy took steps to stop her rival. After a brutal attack on Karen, Jason and Jagger fought with Cal. Later, the three teens devised an alibi, but wondered if the violence had really ended. Ryan's feelings for Felicia grew more intent, and more dangerous. Wait To See: Mac learns there may be still another way to jog Felicia's memory, but it could be risky. GUIDING LIGHT: Blake was upset when Ross told her, her reputa- tion could harm his campaign. Nick decided to go to a journalists' con- vention in New York to learn more about his family roots. At the charity ball, Nadine forced Billy to bid on her to save her from embarrassment, while Blake upset that Ross bet a large sum for Holly, cut in on the two as they danced. Later, Ross told Blake they could go public with their relationship if she wanted it. Their discussion turned passionate, and the next day a shocked Holly found them in bed together. Wait To See: Alexandra tries another tactic, but it may drive Nick even farther away from her. LOVING: Trucker stayed with Stacey while Jack's strange disap- sponsored by, Mann's & Ann's Florist & Balloons 121 Pine Street, Spring Hope tmmr tmmm  pearance was being investigated. Meanwhile, Trisha continued to turn to Gift for comfort, unaware that Gift was pressuring her lawyer to get Trucker out of her life. Isabella real- ized Tim was ill. Casey was furious with Ally for making herself seem sicker to get Cooper's attention. Trucker began his court battle for Christopher's custody. While Casey was fixated on Ava, Ava was ob- sessed with the mysterious Mr. Bur- nell. Wait To See: The custody battle grows more brutal. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Reba Mc- Entire sang at Rodi's Tavern. Jason told Wanda that he was illiterate. Sloan collapsed and Viki went to his side in the hospital. Cassie was shocked by the outpouring of hate mail involving Andrew. Billy tried to persuade Marry to admit she started the rumors. L'lter, Bill?' and'Mart began to drink, and he wound up in critical condition with alcohol poisoning. Alex searched Mortimer for signs of Carlo's reincarnation. Meanwhile, Tina and Cain planned to trap Alex. Wait To See: The situa- tion surrounding Andrew grows more ominous. SANTA BARBARA: To protect his friend, Cruz lied to Reese, telling him, no, he'd never slept with Jodie. To protect Cruz, as well as her mar- riage to Reese, Jodie lied to Cruz, saying, no he wasn't B.J.'s father. Reese, however, sensed the truth, and threw Jodie out. After Frank for- cibly kissed B.J, she stabbed him in the hand with scissors, and left the cabin. After learning Ken had moved in with Sophia, C.C. asked Mason, Julia, Sami, and Dreyfus to move into the mansion with him. Lisa overheard Lily and threatened Rafe she'll have an abortion, leading him to propose to her. Wait To See: Cruz's life takes an interesting new turn. YOUNG AND THE REST- LESS: An angry Jill warned Dru she won't let her pose nude for Sen- suality Magazine. Blade explained to a startled Marietta about Dru's exclusivity contract with Jabot. Believing Ryan loved her, Victoria manipulated him into agreeing to a quick wedding in Chicago, using Brandon as her traveling companion (her parents approved of him) and later secretly marrying Ryan. Paul suggested Lauren think through her desire for Scotty's custody before the judge decides whether to make her his legal mother. Wait To See: A new factor creates a problem for Cricket and Danny's plans. Ot992 by King Fe.nturc. Synd. OWNED AND OPERATED BY - Ann Drewery 478-5840 Hours:Mon.-Fri. 9:00-5:00 Sat. 9:00-1:00 Closed Sunday I SAVE A BUNDLE Typesetting and professional printing serv- ices by the Spring Hope Enterprise can make your business dollars go a lot farther. Bro- chures, news letters, publications, forms, let- terheads, even books and manuals, can be produced economically without sacrificing quality or creativity. SPRING HOPE ENTERPRISE 101 Main Street, Spring Hope 478-3651 The Bin Is In, BMLEY! Starting August 19, we'll all be recvcling our newspapers, glass containers, aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs and soft drink bottles so these materials can be recycled into useful products. As with any new adventure, there are always questions. So we'll try to arS the ones that folks ask most often about recycling. H o w d o w erec ycle ? It's surprisingly easy! On August 12, you'll receive a bite plastic recycling bin, delivered to your home. With it, you'll receive instructions that will give you the details about which materials are acceptable for this program. Please read it carefully -- not you throw away can be During the week, you'll put specified materials in your blue rather than throwing them awaY, Then, beginning Wednesday, August ]9, and every each week, just put your bin out 7:00 a.m. Rain or shine, BFI will up your materials. You'll know BFI has emptied your bin because driver will turn it upside down. What exactly is "recycling" and why should we do it? Simply stated, recycling is the practice of something to good use rather than throwing In our case, we'll recycle items that we once trash, and send them off to be re-used for manufacturing new Today, more than ever, recycling is proving to be a positive step each us can take to save natural resources, energy (used in manufacturing raw materials) and the valuable, diminishing space in our landfills. For recycling just one aluminum can saves enough electricity to run a TV hours! ThiSwereCyclingwill program is an important step toward preserving our envirO0" Bailey ament, doing our to make it a huge success, and to keep all be best beautiful place to work and play. Recycl00:00 1'.O. Box 276 Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919) 977-1411